Steal-worthy Unity Candle Ceremony Wording You Can Use Today

August 2, 2013

Many couples write their own vows, while others like a traditional ceremony. One major trend that is taking off with modern and traditional couples is the incorporation of a unity candle into their special day. Read on to learn about how to put together some wording that takes the meaning of making two become one a reality in a cool and one of a kind way.

Wording Option #1

Short enough to get engraved.

You can take the total traditional route with this set of words while also remaining romantic and unique. Consider having each of you repeat the following together as you light one candle:

“Today, I join you-my lover, my friend, my family; on an eternal journey that is filled with happiness, joy, sorrow, and surprises that we will face together, as one.”

This saying works because it’s appropriate for formal and religious ceremonies, but allows a modern flair to break through. Plus, it’s short enough for the couple to get engraved on a candle or on an album to always remember and treasure.

Wording Option #2

Different, dramatic, and romantic!

If you consider yourselves to be an anything but traditional couple, you can really have fun with the wording of not only your vows but your unity candle lighting. Consider twisting famous author, J.R. R. Tolkien’s words inspired from his famous novel, The Fellowship of the Ring:

“May this candle’s light, be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

It basically means that when things go badly in life, as they sometimes do; think back to this moment and know that you have someone that loves and supports you, always. It’s very different, dramatic, and romantic!

Wording Option #3

Totally one of a kind. Steal it!

Another unique and symbolic set of words that can be spoken (and have probably never been spoken before) at your unity candle lighting were inspired by the author, Kate DiCamillo; but slightly altered are:

“Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark. Let’s think back to the beginning of our story. Let’s make some light, and allow it to shine the way into our future, forever.”

These three wording options are utter original, fascinating, and perfect for traditional or contemporary couples who are in search of steal worthy wording for their unity candle ceremony!

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