How to Write Your Unity Sand Ceremony Wording in One Breezy Sitting

August 7, 2013

If you are opting to conduct a unity sand ceremony, you need wording that complements this symbolic action. Here is how you can find the words you need in just one breezy sitting session in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Think about what you most want to say during your sand ceremony. Do you have a favorite saying that totally connects the two of you together? Is there an inspirational quote that will strike a chord between you and your partner?

Maybe you want to borrow significant song lyrics for this special moment. Using a Bing search, type in the words, “Quotes (or lyrics) about sand.” You will be taken to a ton of pages and the work will instantly be done for you. If you need some starter inspiration we have some vows perfect for a sand ceremony to get your creative juices going.

The sky is the limit, so start brainstorming and searching based on the suggestions above to get instantly inspired.


Step 2

Once you have you narrowed down the quote or lyrics you wish to use, decide if you are going to copy them completely, put your own spin on them, or infuse your own words into them. The whole point of a unity sand ceremony is to fuse two separate lives into one, so if you are adding your own sentiments, be sure to include phrases such as, “As we pour this sand into one jar from each of our separate jars, our new life together begins.” Or, you could say that “each separate jar of sand represents our past and have allowed us to continue on into our future, united as one.”

Step 3

After you have copied or infused some famous sayings or songs, begin to run the ceremony through your mind and take note of when you want to say a specific phrase to ensure the ceremony goes smoothly.

It would be a good idea to practice it with your partner before your big day!

If you have a few hours, you can easily get your unity sand ceremony wording together in order for it to accurately reflect your love and devotion to one another!

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