5 Wedding Unity Ideas to Make Your Ceremony Perfect

August 7, 2013

Planning a wedding takes a lot of work. When you begin to think about how you are going to make your ceremony perfect, consider these 5 wedding unity ideas you may wish to try (that don’t involve a candle) that will not only be romantic, but unique and fun!


Unity Idea #1 – Wine for One

In the weeks prior to your wedding, why not purchase a beautiful decanter (it can be new or an antique), a wine glass, and a bottle of wine (fun to taste test!) to incorporate into your ceremony? As soon as you walk down the aisle, pour the wine together, hand over hand; into the decanter. Right before you make it official, have your officiate fill your wine glass and encourage you to drink from the same cup It is not only a sweet gesture (and also tasty), but it will symbolize two separate lives coming together as one.

Unity Idea #2 – Shovel Some Sand

If you have opted to host a destination wedding, you don’t want to worry about a unity candle flame constantly burning out in the ocean breeze. Instead, have some fun in the sand!

Purchase a shovel and bucket (totally affordable) for you to use as a unity ceremony prop. After taking your vows, take turns scooping the sand beneath your feet into the bucket using the shovel. It’s simple, symbolic, and you can bottle the sand in a special keepsake jar to always treasure!

And if you want some more ideas, read our tips for your sand unity ceremony about how to make it perfect.

Unity Idea #3 – Showcase Your Artistic Talents

Contact a local artist that you love, months leading up to your big day. Ask them to outline something symbolic for you, like a tree, heart, or even a home since the two of you will soon be sharing one! Right before you kiss to make it official, have some fun (carefully!) with a paintbrush. Fill in the missing portions of the painting with color, together to begin working as a team, right away. It is a very uncommon way to conduct a unity ceremony but is especially appropriate if couples are fun loving, artsy, and like to do original things!

Or, if you have a way with words, you can also recite a favorite love poem or song lyric together by reading every other line aloud? It is a sweet way to do something together and you can even get the words engraved on a plate, frame, or wedding album!

Also, if you are a musically inclined couple, you should consider playing the piano together before sealing the deal. Select a song that you both can practice and play, in order to make a harmonious melody that will leave guests in awe and admiration of your talent and symbolically sweet ceremony!

Unity Idea #4 – Release a Butterfly

During your ceremony, have your officiate make a speech about how the two of you were just “fluttering” around before you met one another and how it’s time to move forward, leaving your past behind and begin looking toward the future. Simultaneously, untie a bow that is sealing a contained butterfly, letting them flutter off together. The surprising unity act means you are ready to let go of who you were before today and show how you are ready to move forward as two, new people.

Unity Idea #5 – Spice Things Up!

If you are both food fanatics, a cool way to conduct a unity ceremony is to include your favorite spices. Select a spice that most represents you. Be sure to address your audience and explain your selection. Then, fuse together the two spices and repeat that your new life together is going to be spicy and delicious!

These five ideas may be different, but many couples aren’t looking to conform to norms during their ceremony. Consider trying one of these unity ceremony ideas for your upcoming big affair!

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