5 Unity Ceremony Ideas You Can Steal Right Now

August 7, 2013

Is your wedding right around the corner but you haven’t put a lot of thought into your unity ceremony yet? Don’t panic! Instead, consider these five festive unity ceremony ideas that are fun, creative, and romantic!

Unity Ceremony Ideas

Unity Idea #1-Rice Pour

Long ago, rice was thrown at newly married couples to promote fertility and wish them well with starting a family. Why not purchase two small satchels that say husband and wife? You can fill them with rice and simultaneously pour the rice into one container to show you’re unified and excited to start a family. Plus, you can keep the container for years to come to show your children how you wished for them on your wedding day!

Unity Idea #2-Break Bread

This is a sweet and tasty idea. Together, make a load of bread prior to your ceremony. Have your pastor invite you to break bread together from the same loaf. Cross arms and feed each other, or simply take a bite at the same time. Your guests will think the ceremony is creative, sweet, and will admire your originality and culinary skills.

Unity Idea #3-Plant a Tree

This is a fun way to incorporate nature into your ceremony. Visit your local tree nursery before your big day. Pick out a pretty pot and have a pair of gloves available for a festive touch. When it is time to conduct your unity ceremony, work as a team to remove the baby tree from its packaging and place it into the container. Give it a sprinkle of water and have your officiate say that you plan to nurture this tree, just as you plan to always nurture your relationship. You can take the tree home and transplant it into your lawn once it’s big enough, to stand as a symbol of your long lasting love and commitment to one another.

You plan to nurture this tree, just as you plan to always nurture your relationship.

Unity Idea #4-Wine Lock Box

Another neat idea for a unity ceremony includes sharing wine and writing love letters to one another. Have your pastor pour a glass of wine in a single glass for each of you to share. Then, place a new bottle into a small, lockable chest. Each of you then places a love note to one other on top of the wine. Holding the key, hand over hand; lock the wine box and do not open it until your one year anniversary.

It’s a modern take on the wine ceremony and the letters will become very special as they sit in secrecy for a year!

Unity Idea #5-Sand Vials

If you are hosting a destination wedding on the beach, consider using the sand beneath your feet for your unity ceremony. When the time arrives, scoop up a small amount of sand using only your hands. Place it in a small but festive container. Then, fill a small vial necklace with the combined sand from both of you to wear around your neck as an eternal symbol of your ceremony or to showcase as a sentiment, special keepsake!

These five ideas are cool, unusual, but appropriate for your big day. Consider choosing the one that most reflects your personality and tone of your celebration.

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